Rebecca Niess Cingolani for South Carolina House of Representatives District 110

Economic Development and Fiscal Discipline

  • Economic development should always examine its impacts on the environment. Green economic growth equals lucrative growth. Excessive restrictions are not part of the equation when we implement comprehensive planning, follow-through, and a commitment to “do the right thing” for future generations.
  • Let’s expand our relationships with digital, high-tech, and green-minded companies. Creating good, high-paying jobs for residents provides another layer of stability to our economy.
  • In addition, we must support our small businesses just as much as, if not more than, we do large corporations.
  • I will advocate for a Technology and Interface House Committee to be created to address redundancies and inefficiencies of departmental interface. As technology continues to progress, these inefficiencies will continue to increase. Fiscal discipline is as much about organizing systems as it is about conscientious spending.