Rebecca Niess Cingolani for South Carolina House of Representatives District 110

Fixing Roads and Improving Traffic

All options for improving public transportation should be evaluated, especially in long-term planning. The Lowcountry is expanding without a slow-down in sight. Let’s plan for it instead of being blind-sighted. Here are a few actionable options to provide traffic relief now and plan for the future.

  • Invest in Bus Rapid Transit to create affordable express service from our suburbs.
  • Provide more bike/pedestrian as well park and ride options.
  • Regularly scheduled sync of traffic lights in real time to improve traffic flow.
  • Reduce the number of commuters on the road at the same time:
    • Incentivize businesses to provide telework options for employees.
    • Incentivize staggering of regular work hours across communities and within large organizations.
    • Connect funding of new public transportation routes to bringing in new employers; have those businesses help with this.